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  1. NARI - A special group of Houston construction professionals involved in top-notch remodeling. We meet for a luncheon program on the last Tuesday of each month, usually at a central restaurant from 11:30a to 1pm. The atmosphere is friendly and informal. Lunch costs off menu, the dress code is business casual. You’ll be warmly greeted, and you’ll have an opportunity to tell people what you do, so bring your business cards. We also meet socially to network – locations vary, so watch for an email and/or fax.
  2. IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS OPERATIONS - Learn trade secrets from other highly successful business professionals. Expert speakers at the monthly meetings will keep you abreast of economic forecasts for your industry. Don’t be a “LONE RANGER” in your business! Come meet, and share ideas with your fellow remodelers in this unique setting. Travel with us to national trade shows like the Remodelers Show- it’s tax deductible and it’s blast!
  3. NETWORK CITY - Expand your business universe by getting to know other members. NARI has 7,000-company members, and the Houston Chapter is 60-company members strong! The Houston Chapter of NARI is in Region 5. We’re one of the largest regions in the United States – and the most active!
  4. KEEP LEGAL – KEEP INFORMED - They’re watching your backside! NARI actively monitor the actions of our legislators and local representatives to make sure we get the early “heads up” on laws affecting our day-to-day operations. Keep up to date on the standards and warranty guidelines for all Texas Builders & Remodeler!
  5. GET BUSINESS LEADS - You can get job leads from other contractors in NARI, and from inquiries from the community looking for good contractors and specialty sub trades. Consumers call NARI daily looking for remodelors, as well as vendors, suppliers, and service providers. Staffing the NARI booth at a home shows is a cost-effective way to keep your company name in the forefront.
  6. GIVE SOMETHING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY - Share your success by joining other NARI members on charity projects, like raising money for tsunami victims and Interfaith Ministries. It feels terrific to give something back, and it’s great for networking.
  7. DIRECT MAIL HEAVEN - Ask a member first! When you join NARI you’ll receive a membership directory that’s divided into business categories. Refer to it instead of the yellow pages, and try using a fellow member. A variety of NARI logos and consumer brochures are available too. Make sure you add the logo to your business letterhead and cards; consumers identify quality with the NARI logo. Free Publications – The Remodeler Journal, and local newsletter. Check out the discounts at http://www.nari.org/store
  8. CHEAPER INSURANCE & OTHER GOODIES - Unbeatable discounts are available for Workman’s Comp, General Liability, Health and even Life Insurance (what I saved on my health insurance PAID for my membership last year!). Not to mention cellular phone service, tires, travel services, long distance phone service and many other programs exclusive to members.
  9. EDUCATION - Become a Certified Remodelor (CR), Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer (CKBD), or Certified Lead Carpenter (CLC), just some of many certifications available through the NARI education programs.

Please join me by becoming a member of the National Association of Remodeling Industry today! Check out www.nari.org/ and see what joining a national association can do for you! Call me for information on the next monthly meeting, free networking, and quarterly new member orientation. Be sure to bring business cards & let us know when you are a NEW MEMBER! I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you in person there!

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