How to join

Companies interested in joining NARI Houston can request an application or you can download a copy.

Applicants then need to fill out the membership application and pay the dues of $525. As described in the application, references must be submitted, verified, and evaluated.  Additional business and internet inquiries will be evaluated.  The Board will be provided with all background information and a vote will be taken on the application.  The Board of Directors meets every month and all new applications are reviewed at the board meetings or by email. Once the application is approved by the Board and dues are applied to the membership account, the application is sent to NARI National along with National's portion of the dues you submitted which is for the National membership.

NARI National will then send you a packet with information on all of the current NARI programs, as well as other useful information on how to make the most of your new NARI membership.

Upcoming events

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