Why certify?

A certification identifies you as a dedicated professional and acknowledges your personal achievements, improves your level of practice and highlights you as an industry leader.

NARI’s certification is also a powerful marketing tool, providing clients with assurance that they’re choosing expert professionals with not only years of experience and a commitment to ethical conduct, but also a dedication to ongoing training.

Consumers view certified individuals as:

  • Better trained
  • More highly skilled
  • More professional
  • More reliable
  • More ethical
  • More knowledgeable, with up-to-date information on the latest tools, trends, techniques and materials
  • Quality-oriented with a sense of pride in his/her work

How does a remodeling contractor become certified?

  • Receive an acceptable review by the NARI Certification Board by providing an outline detailing their hands-on experience, industry training, involvement in continuing education, technical skills, practices in business management, as well as association and community service.
  • Commit to intensive study on a broad range of critical home improvement industry issues. Most certification candidates participate in a formal study group and spend eight to twelve weeks studying in preparation for a written exam.
  • Successfully complete a comprehensive written examination covering critical subject areas such as sound business management practices, knowledge of building codes and construction law, plans and specification, proper and safe use of tools and equipment, safety, standards of practice, math, and several special skill areas. Once awarded their certification, NARI certified remodeling professionals must meet annual recertification requirements involving continuing education and participation in industry-related programs.

NARI CertificationsCertification_logo

CR/CRS/CRA (Certified Remodeler, Certified Remodeler Specialist, Certified Remodeler Associate)

MCR (Master Certified Remodeler)

CKBR (Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler)

GCP (Green Certified Professional)

CLC (Certified Lead Carpenter)

CRPM (Certified Remodeler Project Manager)

UDCP (Universal Design Certified Professional)

Need CEUs?

NARI has a library of more than 60 Webinars that can be viewed at your leisure. Each Webinar is worth 1 CEU. Visit to see a list of Webinars.

NARI also has partnered with a variety of online providers and tradeshows to help NARI members stay current and gain CEUs. Click here for a list of outside providers. 

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NARI members—recruit and reap real rewards!

Recruiting new members… What’s in it for me?

When you recruit 5 members, you get $200. Recruit 10 members and receive $500 more.

How do you do this?

Tip 1:

Ask an industry friend, contact your vendors for names of other remodelers, reach out fo former members (who have been a non-member, inactive for more than a year), or ask your subs to join NARI.

Tip 2:

Once you’ve identified prospective members, call them and ask them to attend a NARI meeting with you. Suggest they visit your chapter Website and Send them an issue of your chapter newsletter so they see what unique information is available to members. Share with them how your own business has benefited from NARI membership.

Tip 3:

Follow up. Send your prospective member an e-mail, thank them for their time and offer to answer any other questions they have. Include a membership application.

Tip 4:

Be ready to answer questions. Have information on hand, such as a list of membership benefits.

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